Vintage Singer Claire Louise

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Songstress specialising in vintage style events, from 1920s Gatsby parties to 1940s Wartime events to laid back jazz and pop for afternoon teas or wedding parties.

    Newcastle, Tyne And Wear
   Wedding Singers
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Claire Louise specialises in bringing the era you choose for your party to life through music. With her beautiful trained jazz and traditional pop vocal style, she can switch from traditional wartime ballads to jazz standards with ease during sets.
1940s sets include hits from Vera Lynn and The Andrews Sisters alongside music hall and swing era favourites.
1920s/Gatsby parties can include a range of charleston tinted hits from the jazz era through to blues, swing and modern pop that has been given a 1920s makeover. Want to hear a Beyoncé hit sang as though it was written in the Prohibition era? Claire Louise will bring you that and more so even though it's a 1920s party you can singalong with songs you recognise!
Claire Louise also offers sets of jazz and traditional pop that work very well at a range of events from big birthday parties, to afternoon teas, to weddings. Bespoke set lists can be put together to ensure you get the music you want at your event.

Technical Details

Full top quality PA system or mini amp option for small spaces available.