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Welcome to Urban Chain Live, we provide Pro Audio and Lighting production to the events industry. We are based in Southeast London and service to the whole of the UK.

Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We can offer sound, lighting and audio visual solutions for Live Concerts, Theatre, Corporate events, Conference, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, Weddings, School and College productions offering competitive rates and the highest quality well presented equipment.

Over 10 years of experience in sound and lighting design we will help provide you with a complete package for events from 50 to 3000 for a concert in any type of venue or situation indoor or outdoor.

Through our network of partner companies we can also provide mobile stages, generator hire in fact we can organise all the technical aspects to make your event run smoothly.

From the initial contact through to the event we would work with you to achieve the highest standard in Sound, lighting and AV production.

We look forward to making your event an unforgettable and hassle free experience..
  • " Fantastic studio, super nice people. Will definitely go again! "
    Overall        55
    Anon     17/09/12
  • " Staff made us feel at ease, were professional in their work & as a result we all had a great night & results. Would def. recommend. "
    Overall        55
    Anon     27/04/13
  • " Great studio, friendly and professional staff, good location, would definitely recommend and go back. "
    Overall        55
    Anon     29/04/13

Technical Details

Desk Toft Audio Designs 32:8:2 ATB console
- An analog inline desk courtesy of Malcolm Toft, designer of the legendary Trident consoles. Our ATB has the same EQs as the Trident Series 80 desks and a total of 72 inputs at mixdown. Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard summing mixer Monitoring ADAM Sub 1
ATC SCM 20ASL Nearfield Monitors 
CHEVIN Research A3000 power amplifier 
Dynaudio Acoustics M1 
Hi-C CRM101 Monitor Selector 
Homemade Horrortones
 Scopex 4D 10A CRT Oscilloscope 
Yamaha NS10 Studio Recorders Apple Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel
- 2×8 core, 2.26 Ghz, 12 GB monster 
3 x MOTU HD192 192khz 12 channel interface
 Fostex Model 80 8-Track 1/4′′ Reel Tape Recorder*
 Marantz CDR500 CD Recorder
 Rosendahl Nanoclock master clock 
Sony MDS-E12 Minidisc Recorder
 Sony PCM-R700 DAT Recorder Software Pro Tools 9 
Logic Pro 9
 Ableton Live 6
 Antares Autotune Evo
 Celemony Melodyne DNA 
Wavelab Drumagog 5 Preamps ART Digital MPA
 8 x BBC AM7/13
 DBX 376 
Focusrite ISA428 Focusrite ISA430 
Focusrite Octopre
 Focusrite RED 1
 JDK Audio R20
 Manley SLAM!
 Manley Voxbox
 Neve 1073DPA
 Presonus Tube Pre 
Summit Audio 2BA221 
Thermionic Culture Rooster Toft 32 ATB Microphones 1 x AKG C214 
1 x AKG C414 EB 1 x AKG C414 E1 + S42E1
 1 x AKG C414 ULS
 2 x AKG C451B (stereo pair)
 2 x AKG C451E (+ CK5 and CK1 capsules) 
1 x AKG D12 
2 x AKG D112 
2 x AKG D224E 
1 x Audio Technica AT4033 
3 x Audix F10
 1 x Audix F12
 2 x Audix F15 
1 x Blue Baby Bottle 1 x Blue Reactor 2 x Joe Meek JM27
 2 x Neumann KM84 (stereo pair)
 2 x Neumann U87 
1 x Neumann U89
 3 x Rode NT1A
 1 x Rode NT2
 1 x Rode NT3
 2 x Rode NT5 (stereo pair) 
1 x SE Z5600
 5 x Sennheiser MD421
 1 x Shure BETA 52A
 4 x Shure SM57 (1 w/transformer mod)
 2 x Shure SM58
 1 x Shure BETA 58A
 1 x Shure SM7B Compressors/Gates/EQs 3 x DBX 266XL
DBX 376 (EQ, compressor & de-esser) Drawmer DL221 
JDK Audio R22
 Manley Massive Passive 
Manley SLAM! (2 x FET & opto limiters) 
Manley Voxbox (Pultec-style EQ, com- pressor & de-esser)
 Sherman Filterbank
 SSL 522 Stereo Equaliser 
Thermionic Culture Pheonix Toft 32 ATB EQ 
UREI 546 Dual Parametric Equalizer Effects Alesis MidiVerb 4
 Aural Exciter Type C DBX 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer FAT PCP330 Procoder 
Lexicon MPX 550
 2 x Lexicon PCM 80 
Line 6 POD XT Pro 
TC Electronic M350 
TC Helicon VoiceWorks
 Tech21 SansAmp GT2 
Yamaha SPX90 
Yamaha SPX900
 Yamaha SPX990 Keys, Synths & Others Akai S3000XL sampler*
 Alesis NanoSynth
ETI International 4600 (Goliath’s mono-synth!)*
 Fender Rhodes MkI ‘Seventy Three’ Stage Piano Korg 01/W Workstation
 Kork Microkorg
Korg Mono/Poly (w/Kenton Midi mod) 
Korg Trinity* 
Moog Opus III (w/Kenton Midi mod)*
 Novation Basstation
 Novation SuperNova Roland Juno 106 Roland SH-101 (w/Kenton Midi mod)* Roland TR-808 (w/Kenton Midi mod)* Roland XV-5050 
Tech TE-22 Signal Generator* Drums & Percussion Sonor Force 3007 Fusion Kit
 - 20″ Bass
 - 14″ Snare
 - 10″ Tom
 - 12″ Tom
 - 14″ Tom 2x Vintage Custom Premier Kit with PureCussion RIMS™
 - 23″ Bass
 - 14″ Snare 
- 10″ Tom 
- 12″ Tom
 - 14″ Tom
 - 16″ Tom 13″ x 4″ Premier Piccolo Snare 
Gamelans – 40cm, 36cm, 35cm Axis Kick and Hi-hat pedals
Various cowbells, woodblocks, shakers, tambourines, fire hydrants, etc… Guitars and Basses Fender Jazz Bass 
Fender Sting Precision Bass
 Fender 1983 American Stratocaster Gianni Ukelele
 Gibson Hummingbird*
 Martin Backpacker 
Martin DC-15E Bizarre 10-string lute thing Amps Ashdown EVO 300 + 1×15″ cab
 Hiwatt Custom 50 + 2×12″ cab 
Hiwatt Custom 100 + 2×12″ cab
 Kustom 10 Gauge 
2 x Marshall MG Series 50DFX
 Orange Crush 50BXT VOX AC30-6TB * When you book, please inquire about these items if you think you might need them or their availability cannot be guaranteed.

Sample Repertoire  
Title We found love
Artist Rihana
Title Sex on fire
Artist Kings Of lion
Title bom bom
Artist wookie
Title How we do
Artist Rita Aroa