Twmpathology Ceilidh Band
Alice and Jan

Twmpathology Ceilidh Band

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We are a lively band specializing in Weddings, Ceilidhs and Barn Dances in the North Wales area. We are the perfect choice for your ceilidh.

    Snowdonia, Wales
   Ceilidh Band
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Twmpathology got their name from 'Twmpath' the word used for a Welsh ceilidh and 'ology' meaning science or art and we certainly know how to get people's feet moving!

We are a 5 piece band with accordion, fiddle, guitar, bass and percussion and we bring our own caller. We play a mixture of traditional tunes and some self-penned tunes from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England and beyond. Our caller will get everyone up on the dance floor and guide everyone, young and old, through the dances with friendly good humour. It does not matter if you have two left feet as long as everybody has FUN!

We also perform a variety of songs in between dances mostly from the folk tradition, but some more contemporary.

We are experienced at performing at weddings and ceilidhs where the dancing is great for getting all the guests mixing. We have also performed at festivals at Cecil Sharp House, London and in the Brecon Beacons.

We are the perfect choice for your wedding or ceilidh event.