The Yorkshire Musical Saw Player
Charles Hindmarsh

The Yorkshire Musical Saw Player

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A musical saw player for all occasions large and small providing music to suite your requirement

    Selby, Yorkshire
   Variety Show
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The Yorkshire Musical Saw Player

As only one of a few saw players in the UK I have adapted my performance to suite different types of events. These include Classical concerts, folk, popular and novely music. I have provided background music for dinners, conferences and charity events. I have also provided onstage performances at large venues with banter. I've been a guest soloist for groups, brass bands and orchestras and have also been a session musician for recorded and live events. I'm happy to consider any sort of event especially if it helps to promote this wonderful musical instrument.

Technical Details

If there is a pianist available I can provide music for them otherwise I will need access to a 13amp socket for an amp. microphone and pre recorded backing tracks. In this case an area of 6 Sq metres is adequate.