The UK Bungee Club (UKBC)

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established in 1989

    Fife, Scotland
   Bungee Jumping
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The UK Bungee Club (UKBC) over the years has grown to become the market leader for Bungee Jumping in the UK. The pioneer of commercial Bungee Jumping in Britain the 1990ís saw The UK Bungee Club running one of the most famous permanent jump facilities in the world, Adrenalin Village, located at Chelsea Bridge in Battersea, London. A permanent feature on the London Skyline this 300ft tower crane dispatched 11,000 bungee jumpers every year over the Thames from 1994 to 1999. Alongside this a floating hostel housed thrill seekers from all over the globe with a total of 100,000 people visiting the site in its final year of operation. This was also the venue for the qualifying rounds of The World Extreme Games in association with the television company ESPN, which the UKBC facilitated in 1995. UKBC were the only facilitator to be used outside of the USA