The T.A.G. Art Company

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Established at the turn of the century, TAG Art specializes in meeting the creative needs of an ever-changing society.

We pride ourselves in being professional, versatile, affordable, and available! Our talented group believes in being sensitive to budgets, but not at the expense of quality work. In fact, we have found that there’s always a “win-win” in every environment of mutual respect.

Even if you don’t know what direction to take on a project or event, contact us anyway. We’re your resource for creative ideas too, and we’ll surprise you with options you didn’t know existed – but that make all the difference!

Most importantly, we want all of our customers to know that we want to make them “customers for life.” How? We never forget that we are a SERVICE provider and we believe every opportunity is an honor. Our ego has nothing to do with the equation and we’re a no-pressure resource. Our customers’ loyalty is important and the reason we’re in business.