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The Stingrays

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A three piece Rock n Roll group, based in Essex

    Chelmsford, Essex
   Rock and Roll Bands
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At a Stingrays show you just canít help but tap your foot or get up and Rock n Roll all night! They are an old school band, playing Jive-busting classic old style British Rock and Roll, music from Johnny Kidd, Cliff and the Shadows, plus Rock n Roll standards from Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and many others. This band has been around for many years in various forms and line ups but now have got the music by the nuts and revving it up. In its present form are three well-seasoned players with big Mark fronting the band on main vocals and the dynamic guitar solos of the past. Nathan holding the low end on bass and backing vocals, then Jamie on drums and backing vocals taking the lead vocals from time to time. You just canít help but tap your foot or get up and Rock n Roll all night! The band has gained many good reviews in a short space of time and appear around the country at all the main Rock n Roll event venues and clubs. Using 50ís & 60ís Guitars, Burns & Fenders, echo chambers and a vintage Selmer amp makes the sound as British as it ever was. The Stingrays latest CD was recorded Live in Essex, where the band come from featuring 12 tried and trusted classics from their stage show.

Technical Details

We carry our own PA suitable upto 400 people. Plus small lights. For UK shows We supply Drums, Vintage Selmar amp and Vox bass cab along with our Fender Bass and Burns guitars. For shows in Europe or beyond, amplifiers and Drums should be provided by the hirer. For larger events suitable PA and lights should be supplied by the hirer, we can link into a PA and supply our own mix. The Stingrays can also supply suitable background music, but not a DJ. For performances outside the UK, the hirer should provide all flights and accommodation plus meals and similar suitable equipment stated above.