The Renegade Blues Brothers

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The most energetic tribute to the blues brothers, they will get your party started!

    Bromley, London
   The Blues Brothers Tribute
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The Renegade Blues Brothers

The Renegade Blues Brothers (Formally known as The Bluez Bruvvaz) are one of the most authentic tributes to The Blues Brothers ever! With their fantastic vocals, committed acting and abundance of energy they can not help but entertain.

Jake & Elwood (aka Danny and Simon) are professionally trained in acting and musical theatre, and have performed together in one way or another for nearly 20 years. Including performing professionally in Off Broadway Musicals in New York, Plays and musicals all over the UK and Europe, feature films (Most recently ‘Captain America’) and even Shakespeare plays at The Royal Shakespeare Companies Venues in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

They accidentally fell into performing The Blues Brothers in 2008 as a one off and have never looked back, it is the perfect vehicle for them to combine their wealth of knowledge from all aspects of the entertainment industry in one dynamic, fast paced, energetic whirlwind of a show that you can not help but be swept up in.

The main thing that makes these guys stand out from the rest is the enjoyment they get from entertaining other people, and the pure energy they put in to doing so. The best thing is, the more a crowd enjoy what they do, the more they feed their desire to entertain, the more energy they give.

It is tiring just watching these guys, but an experience you’ll smile about for a long time.