The London Barbecue

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    Colchester, Essex
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Choose from one of our wonderful barbecue themed events below - or if you're feeling lucky, we'll create anything you want to make your event that extra bit special. All of our meats are from Offley Hoo farm, purveyors of the finest free range and rare-breed meats, ensuring that everything we cook is of the highest and freshest quality. All of our vegetables, and buns, baps and breads are bought on the day of your event from our bakers and grocers within our local area, making sure that everything you devour is the freshest you can possibly get.
Our BBQs are tailor made to our specifications, and designed to cook, over hot coals, barbecued food to delicious perfection. Our chefs are specially trained to use our bespoke equipment, and boy does it show in every delicious, sumptuous, scrumptious mouthful.