Dr Howard & Martin
Guy Guerrini

The Curious Little Big Band

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Thoroughly Outrageous And Highly Entertaining...

    Cotswold, Gloucestershire
   Wedding Bands
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Not just a band - a theatrical experience!
This explosive eight piece band are bound to make you dance and laugh. They don't just play music: they have created a show, a musical journey that demands participation and draws in even the hardest of hearts.

It's almost cabaret but the band is too accomplished to take a backseat to their unpredictable front man and knocks out track after track of dance floor filling classics (with a few moderns too)

Miles Guerrini sang around the world and in West End musicals before moving to Cirencester and spares no opportunity to dress up and explore his theatrical roots. The band are all accomplished musicians in their own rights: Guy Guerrini (yes, brother of...) is Head of Music Arts at Kingshill and flexes his muscles on sax, keyboard, guitar and vocals.

Drummer Andy Hughes is well known about town as a local solo singer; generations of Cirencester youth know Russell Blackaller as Kingshill Head of Performance Arts and director of countles
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