Team Power Stilts

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Acrobatics and Jumping Stilts

    Leeds, Yorkshire
   Stilt Walkers
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"Team Power Stilts, available as either a solo performer, or a team who take Stilt Jumping/Acrobatics/Dancing and Parkour to the next level!
A professional Extreme walkabout and show with years of worldwide experience. The shows can involve the use of multiple disciplines confidently displaying multiple tricks, flips and stunts, all in one package bespoke to any type of event.
Over the last 8 years the Team have specialised in the use of spring loaded stilts incorporating them into mostly all of the shows provided to multiple events all over the world.
To name a few, their International experience includes TV Commercials in the middle east, live events here in the UK's O2 Arena and also Top Gears Live Motorshow that toured across the world. The world-class walkabout act can even make waiting fun as they performed over the summer months for the queue line at The London Eye.
No Matter the venue, shows can be modified to suit, the Team are able to tailor their stunts to fit any challenge and leave audiences dazzled and amazed!”

Technical Details

Strong, Non slippery surfaces for an Acrobatic Stilts show. Car Stunt shows will require a large open space. Fire shows will require a well ventilated open space.

Acting Credits  
Title Stunt Team
Production Top Gear Live
Director The BBC
Title Performance
Production Ferrari California Launch
Director Somerset House - London
Title Street Theatre Shows
Production Alton Towers Traffic Patrol
Director Alton Towers Theme Park