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Dark Ents

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Professional Paranormal Entertainment for Corporate & Private Events

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Welcome, O seeker of The Truth!

You have made contact with the Other Side; now thou shalt know the reality behind Dark Ents…

Conjured from the realms of Darkness by mystery showman, Stephen Ward, the spooky and strange realm of Dark Ents offers ethical paranormal entertainment for the truly discerning audience. They can be summoned to perform, seven days a week, at any venue in the UK.

Though Dark Ents specialise in the bizarre, the mysterious and the strange, it is also told that they will provide lighter, spooky entertainment, with an emphasis on fun for those of a more delicate disposition.

The spirits at Dark Ents pride themselves on being a friendly, specialist production company, able to offer performances moulded to a variety of differing budgets, varying from close-up entertainment, through to full-blown stage shows and static attractions. All performances can be custom-scripted, which is especially powerful for Trade-stand sales pitches.
Although some of the Dark Ents stage performances require a larger presentation space and some basic audio-visual facilities, most have no special requirements whatsoever, and are ideal for corporate events, trade shows and product launches, as well as Haunted attractions, after-dinner entertainment and séance recreations (for entertainment purposes only).

If you dare to book Dark Ents, be it for Bizarre Magick, seance, wedding entertainment or a custom event, you are guaranteed an evening to recall in hushed whispers. Their hard-working company of performers will combine their forbidden skills to produce a truly astounding experience from the mists of the past, ranging from demonstrations of forbidden Magick from the middle ages, through to full blown parlour shows, including Palm and Tarot Reading, from the fog-swathed Victorian times.

In addition to their paranormal performances, Dark Ents also handle the production and publication of tomes of forbidden knowledge, written by Stephen Ward and his Bizarre Magick Effects. The author of several books on the topic, including Scripting & Storytelling for Paranormal Entertainers, and Performing Magic to the Public, Stephen’s works are now available worldwide. Stephen also creates Bizarre Magick effects that are not only used during his own shows but is also purchased and used by Bizarre Magicians World Wide.
For the protection of his own soul, and that of his valued customers, Stephen is a full member of the Society of Mystery Entertainers.

The Dark Ents Bizarre Magick shows are performed exclusively by Stephen Ward. For all of his Bizarre Magick shows (with the exception of Witch Hunt) he only performs his own material. Bizarre Magick that he has created, scripted and finely honed by many performances. When you watch Stephen perform you are watching Bizarre Magick that is not only original but is also sold to his peers. Stephen’s effects are sold Worldwide and are used by magicians in America, Australia, Germany and of course the United Kingdom.
He is able to offer performances for corporate events (strolling, dinner tables & static attractions), dinner parties and many other types of events. The minimum performance time bookable is 45 minutes.

Static Attractions – A complete experience for guests, a 10-15 minute show for each group that visit the performance area.

Strolling Magick – Weirdness and short stories close-up and intimate, can be performed both during reception and at each table during dinner.

Dinner Parties & Private Functions – A 45 minute show for up to 40 of your guests, ideal for small rooms and the dining table.

Turn down the gas-mantle and light a candle, as we prepare to step back through time.

Hold tightly to my hand in the darkness, as we cross the boundaries of the paranormal for the ultimate supernatural experience ; making contact with the Spirits of the Dead.

A Séance, as provided to you and your guests or clients by Dark Ents, is something that will be remembered with a shiver, long, long after it is over. Strictly for adult participants only – with NO exception made to this rule – the Dark Ents séance is a more intimate experience, best suited to be witnessed and participated in by 6-12 guests.

The mysteries of séance are ideal to be revealed by way of public performance, in venues such as Hotels, Bars and Taverns. Also perfect for Static Haunted Attractions, Paranormal Evenings and Company Dinner Evenings, Dark Ents can provide a fully-tailored séance to fit seamlessly into your event.

Working with authentic Victorian methods, Dark Ents will provide everything you and your guests need, to conjure an evening of unforgettable paranormal entertainment; all of our séance evenings are so realistic that your guests will swear they were witnessing a genuine link to The Other Side (for ethical reasons, Dark Ents’ Séances do NOT include recreations of contact with guests relatives who have passed over).

Dark Ents offers a choice between two, very carefully-themed, standardised séances, but are also able to offer beautifully-crafted, bespoke séances, which can include legends local to yourself and your guests, or be specifically tailored around any given theme you wish; we will provide you with a variety of thoughts and ideas, which you may like to consider based upon your event, or simply let us know what evil thoughts you may have of your very own!

From shortened, 20 minute séances, repeated for separate groups of guests, to a full-blown three-hour performance, Dark Ents have EXCATLY the right séance for your needs – the spirits have foretold it, and we can deliver it…

Dark Ents also offers a number of other services including mind reading for strolling and stage, a spooky Witch Hunt and other services such as tarot and palm reading. For more details please see our website.


Technical Details

Our seances are recommended for between 6 and 20 guests and you require a room where you have control of the lighting, it can be performed inside or outside. Our strolling performances have no technical requirements and guests can be seated or standing. For static attractions you need to supply a table and some chairs in front, the best place is normally a private room or the bar / reception area of the venue. Due to the nature of these acts they are not recommended for those under 18 years of age.