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Steph the Runner

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    Ashford, Kent
   Inspirational Speaker
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From 21stone 4lbs to 9stone exactly in 2 years, most people ask how I did it.

As the average size 26 middle aged woman, i'd always been big. Unhappy. Stuck in a life that I just didnt enjoy. But at the age of 30, it took one massive event to force me to analyse my choices and ultimately become 'Steph the Runner'. A person that turned her life upside down in 24 months and can help others to see that they can do the same with one small change. Whether it's a career choice, relationship questions, weightloss or any other issue.

A (hopefully) colourful, brutally honest and inspirational talk from someone who battled weightloss, divorce, career change and a resulting eating disorder all in the same time frame of 24 months and having got to the other side wants to see and help others achieve their goals too.

Questions welcomed throughout.