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The UKs best in traditional jazz entertainment for your wedding, party or corporate event.

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Biography - About the Silk Street Jazz Band

The Silk Street Jazz Band were formed back in 2003 as a new generation of early jazz band. The ensemble contains today's young up-and-coming players, all of whom continue to revitalise the scene with their flair, excitement and enthusiasm. Their ability to acknowledge and reflect on the past but to create a contemporary sound is why it is one of the pre-eminent bands on the scene today. All members are full time London professionals and some of the leading musicians in their field.

The Silk Street Jazz Band are building on a fast growing prestigious reputation for being one of the most reliable bands in the UK. Establishing a high level of consumer confidence, the band’s credibility in today's market is clearly evident from its extensive list of widely recognised and extremely satisfied clientele. Silk Street Jazz Band (New Orleans Jazz)

Additional Information and Extras: The Silk Street Jazz Band offer many line up variations in order to accommodate all venue sizes, budgets and events.

7 Piece Cornet, Clarinet, Sax, Trombone, Banjo, Sousaphone, Drums

6 Piece Cornet, Clarinet, Trombone, Banjo, Sousaphone, Drums

5 Piece Cornet, Clarinet, Banjo, Sousaphone, Drums

4 Piece (option 1) Clarinet/Sax, Banjo, Sousaphone, Drums

4 Piece (option 2) Cornet, Clarinet, Banjo, Sousaphone

3 Piece Clarinet, Banjo, Sousaphone

The Silk Street Six and Seven piece bands now include the sound of a fantastic male singer. The perfect ensembles for those wanting the sophisticated sound of the jazz singer to the group. The band also offers music for dancing. In this case, use of the drums is quite important and so we would advise a minimum 4 piece line up consisting of 1 Horn, Banjo, Sousaphone, Drums. More front line instruments can be added to build up the sound.

Silk Street also offers an All instrumental, where players are able to stroll apart from the drummer.

A minimum 3-piece line up of 1 horn, Banjo, Sousaphone is advisable. More front line instruments can be added to create a larger more prominent sound. The band also have ideal line ups for background music.

I.e. 3-piece or 4-pieces offer perfect combinations where swapping the drums in the 4-piece for another horn is advisable. This choice is well suited to Wedding receptions. For those on a budget but still wanting the ‘big’ sound, the 5-piece ensemble maintains the authentic sound of the 7-piece as it uses 2 front line instruments.

The 7-piece or 6-piece band has a large sound so depending on the size of the performance space, this is the perfect ensemble for creating a timeless impression.