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suitable for every type of event, hire as wedding entertainment, for corporate events, children's entertainment or private parties, this humble music service has become a must for all. Browse a selection of profiles below or click MOBILE DISCO to search for suppliers within your local area. You may wish to consider Mobile DJ as an alternative to your hire or to spread your search further afield. TED | The Entertainment Directory offers a super search facility by referring every individual customer enquiry to matching members who offer the selected service. Instantly matched members are sent the customer contact details via text message and email to reply immediately and direct, while those members who match the service alone, and based outside the local area are notified by email of a suitable enquiry. Suppliers of Music Industry services can reply fast and directly with their quote, those with more detailed profiles, videos, images, unique and full descriptions often have more success securing bookings. If you're looking for events to attend or live performances in your area, click Event Guide to see what's on. If you are looking for work, click JOBS to view and download recent enquiries.

We have 1694 Mobile Disco suppliers across the UK who are available to quote on your event enquiry, or to contact or hire directly.

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Members without a profile are not displayed but remain available to receive instant match enquiries which are sent to every individual member of the same service category and area, with or without a profile.