Hot Air Ballooning for hire

We know you have seen hot air balloons on TV. And we also know that, probably, you have not thought of getting in one. Experience the flight of your life in a hot air balloon. Imagine an event where you and your guests have the choice of riding hot air balloons. Trust us, it will be unforgettable. People will talk about for days. Hire hot air balloons and reward yourself and your guests with a magical day. Tethered at your event or as a balloon flight from a location near you, float through the air in one of mans oldest flying machines, book as a gift or just for fun! Browse profiles below, alternatively save time with multiple quotes from other balloon ride suppliers by posting your enquiry as a job on our booking board.

We have 26 Hot Air Ballooning suppliers across the UK who are available to quote on your event enquiry, or to contact or hire directly.

Hire Hot Air Ballooning for your event with a free no obligation quote from superTED.

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