Barn Dance for hire

A Barn Dance involves Folk Music mixed with traditional dances. Even though the name suggests that it takes place in a barn (which is how it started), nowadays, Barn Dances take place in any sort of venue. If you are planning a party or event and your main goal is for everyone to have fun, hire a Barn Dance! You can browse individual member profiles below or click BARN DANCE to search for caller or barn dance bands within your local area who perform a wide selection of music. You may wish to consider a Country Band as an option or to compliment your line up. SuperTED refers your search by text and email to locally matched members who can reply in minutes with a quote for your event. For Music Gigs, Tours and Festivals check out our Event Guide for live performances in your area. Are you a musician, caller or singer? click JOBS-for-BANDS to view recent Barn Dance Band enquiries.

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