Professor Twist

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Bespoke Balloon Sculptor, turns the humble balloon into anything you would like

    Reigate, Surrey
   Balloon Modelling
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Professor Twist is a bespoke balloon sculpture who will add that extra buzz to your party or event. Balloon models are for kids of all ages right up to 99 and beyond. From small one balloon models to very large multi balloon sculptures, almost anything is possible and I am willing to try and make anything. I am at home performing for a few people at a small family party or a large corporate event, school or village fairs. If at a party not only will I perform at the event but will premake a special to be presented to the star of the day based on their favourite character, animal or thing.
I can also offer balloon twisting workshops for clubs or groups, these also work very well as team builing excecises.
Although based in Surrey I am very happy to travel near and far.
Want to know more just give the Professor a call or drop him an email.