The Players Theatre Company

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Traditional Music Hall

    Islington, London
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The Players' theatre is in a direct line of succession from the Song and Supper rooms of the 19th century. It launched a revival of Victorian Music Hall in 1936 in Covent Garden at the site of some of the early shows. Moving to the safety of a basement during the 1939-45 war, it never closed, and after the war continued to stage shows in a theatre below Charing Cross station. One of its  early chairmen - Leonard Sachs - went on to chair the long-running TV series 'The Good Old Days.

To-day the company no longer has a theatre of its own but stages shows at various West End theatres, and participates in many special events, such as Westminster's 'West end live' and the GLA's 'Rhythm of London' event to be held on April 24th in Trafalgar Square.

 It has acquired premises and offers space for auditions and rehearsals. It plans to set up training courses for aspiring Music Hall artistes.