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Since 2007 we have evolved into the world’s leading Photo-Marketing business. We understand that today, consumers are the all-powerful force in driving content that people believe in and talk about. We all want to capture and share our best experiences at the push of a button with friends and family. For brands looking to build a deeper and more meaningful relationship, PixAngels provides a powerful and compelling way of wrapping these experiences as branded moments. PixAngels provides a comprehensive photo capture and sharing service that focuses consumer traffic via mobile or pc to a branded gallery on the clients site. From here PixAngels unique and patented technology accelerates the sharing and wider consumer engagement of branded images across all major social networks, instantly. As well as amplifying a brand message and reaching a wider audience through tags, likes and followers, PixAngels also provides clients with an option for data-capture and detailed tracking for post event analysis. Let us put you in the picture.