Pig In the City

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Hog Roast Company Roasting Across Scotland We can also provide crockery, cutlery & a variety of buffet extras

    Edinburgh, Scotland
   Hog Roast
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Pig in The City are specialists in hog roast events across Scotland. We can cater for small events of 25 people with single pork legs, or go the whole hog for 150 people!

Our rental service allows you to take control of the hog roast at home. We will deliver everything you need (including the pig) and instructions on how to have the perfect roast.
Otherwise one of our expert chefs can take control of the event and perfectly roast your pork and serve with a fantastic buffet option. We will provide all the crockery and cutlery so we leave your event spotless! We will do everything we can to make your event fantastic.

We also have a great special offer for small events. We will provide a perfectly roasted pork leg, with mixed rolls, apple sauce & apple & fennel coleslaw - All for £99. A tasty fun way to feed up to 30 people.