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Pat Mckay

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DJ Pat Mckay is a well travelled club and radio DJ who hosts two shows on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3-5pm on The Source FM

    Islington, London
   Radio DJ
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Pat Mckay is a well travelled club and radio DJ who hosts two shows on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3-5pm on The Source FM.  Born in the 1970s, Pat was an avid Radio 1 and Capital Radio listener who fell in love with electronic music after hearing The Buggles song ''Video Killed the radio star'' ...During an eventful school life he took a summer job at a famous DJ store in Camden, London and immedietely knew where he wanted to be working - as a disco DJ. ''I was the roadie and saw the DJ play records for three hours and the songs he played were ones I had at home, as I had collected music over the years. Then I saw him get paid a wad of cash at the end of the night, and I thought.. this is for me!'' Originally destined for a career in cooking, Pat left school and worked at the DJ store full time, putting in the hours being a roadie to learn first hand what was involved in becoming a top class DJ. ''I got small gigs locally and in pubs but that DJ store had an agency that didn't trust me to hold my own at a party until about 1993. I just worked at it until I was doing gigs every week, I'd do gigs anywhere, from clubs to pubs to kids parties, I learnt to fill dancefloors in whatever venue I was playing and as the cliche goes, the rest is history. I got more agents and became more busy and my gigs soon became UK-wide. Also, a lot of parties and clubs were putting on top class bands and chart performers and I was mixing in some interesting / not-so-interesting company'' Juggling a 'day' job as manager at a busy and well known Thai restaurant in North London also filled up the other hours and after a marriage and divorce, Pat got itchy feet and wanted to travel abroad playing music. The first place was in Bangkok, Thailand, where Pat has roots, being of half-Thai origin. Contacts certainly helped and this turned into a seven year stint of playing all over South East Asia, in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cambodia. Each December saw Pat return to London for 20-night stints with Planit Events then flying back to the far east for Christmas and new year gigs. Busy indeed. Radio experience came with the well respected Thai group DJ-Center, run by the legendary DJ Nin, and stints with Radio Bangkok and a missed oppourtunity with Virgin Radio Thailand made Pat want to start his own station which, sadly, came to nothing due to lack of financial backing and inexperience. Pat was resident at all of Bangkok's clubs at some time and has some great memories of the time spent in the oriental 'City of Angels'.