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Queue-busting curtained and staffed female urinal block, equivalent to 32 cabin WC

    Guildford, Surrey
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P-minus-Q is an Award-Winning wet hire service for female temporary sanitation at large-scale open-air events. Featuring the unique SheWee-inal with 16 curtained berths, it can substitute for 32 portable WC units at a substantial cost saving. We can now supply two new 24-berth units as required by the crowd demographic. The recently revised (2014) "Purple Guide" recommends up to 33% more toilets at major events. Female urinals can accommodate a sizable proportion of that uplift, saving money. SheWee-inal is eco-friendly, uses NO chemicals, consumes NO water, and is the ideal partner to composting toilets (which do not want urine). We can supply biodegradable FUD and our own cleaners. Uniformed female attendants are standard.