Nicola Baretta

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Having moved to London from South Africa over two years ago, where I was acting in dramas, commercials and voice overís, I am now looking to pursue my acting career in London

    Croydon, London
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Since the age of 9 I was acting in commercials and recording voice over’s, developing a strong passion for acting and performing, which drove my decision to undertake a degree in Drama, Media and Film Studies, graduating from the University of Cape Town in 2008. Following university, I worked as a casting booker in my agent’s office and continued going to castings while working. During this time, I landed my first TV drama series role in BBC’s Silent Witness as well as leads in commercials namely Avonmore and LEVIS.

Shortly after that I moved to London to pursue my acting career. Nevertheless, after being offered an enviable job at, I took the opportunity to settle down in London for a year or two. However, with my heart set on acting I am now ready to refocus in my pursuit of furthering my performance and acting career.

I believe my strengths lie in film and TV acting, presenting and voice over work, with a strong desire to pursue roles in television and film as this is where I have relevant experience and an intrinsic interest. However, I thoroughly enjoy and love working on voice over’s, being booked for almost every voice over casting I have ever applied for. My English accent is refined and I have a very subtle South African accent in my natural speaking voice. I also believe I have a unique quality that would make me competitive for presenting work. I feel I have a rare balance in my character and personality, which combines self confidence and poise with a down to earth nature, approachability, silliness and ability to not take myself too seriously. I think this combination of boldness and a humble attitude would translate well on screen, as someone an audience can relate to.