Visit the crime scene
Theme your murder mystery
Theme your murder mystery
Specialist Hen Parties
Win Champagne and Certificates
Visit the Scene of Crime
We can arrange your special venue
Judge Ye Not
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26 Years of successful murders!

Murder Mystery Nights

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Participation murder mystery for parties & birthdays

    Oxford, Oxfordshire
   Murder Mystery
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Over 26 years we have developed the best murder mystery formula.
You can play a character, could be the victim and could be the murderer.
You visit the 'Scene of Crime' and view the body, where it is found, how it was found with nothing touched or moved.
Our actor runs the events but allows you to be part of it.
Be the Super Sleuth and win the Champagne prize, plus certificates.
We go anywhere in the UK
Want a venue arranged? We can do it for you.
with over 600 hotels and venues used we know the best value for you.

Ask for our quote, you book and we send your invoice. Pay 3 weeks before and you can obtain a £100 discount
Meeting Rooms Available 6
Room Name Any
Max Capacity 70
Dining 70
Theatre 70
Cost £Varies
No. Bedrooms 100
Basic Rate £55