Piano Player Newcastle

Mark Deeks

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Piano Player Newcastle

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Piano doesn't have to equal classical or jazz - unless you want it to of course! I am known for creating piano versions of everything from pop and dance chart hits to indie, rock and metal tunes. This is your favourite music like you've never heard it. If your venue doesn't have a piano I will provide one, have piano, will travel. I am also available to dep on keys for bands, I am an experienced accompanist, musical director and arranger.

Technical Details

Roland RD700GX Stage Piano Yamaha StagePas 500 PA I require only one electrical point and am otherwise self sufficient. All equipment is PAT tested and I have Public Liability Insurance from the Musicians' Union.

Sample Repertoire  
Title Firework
Artist Katy Perry
Title Everlong
Artist Foo Fighters
Title Bohemian Rhapsody
Artist Queen
Title Hoppipolla
Artist Sigur Ros