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Lula Suassuna

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Passionate, versatile, hard-working actor

    Hounslow, London
RANK #477
Lula is an experienced professional actor. His colleagues often describe him as a down to earth, open-minded bloke, fun to work with, always enthusiastic and ready to take up new challenges. His passion and drive have led him to perform in many films, music videos, commercials and theatre shows. Versatility is his major distinctive feature. He has recently worked in the new "One Direction" music video and his last stage job was "Two Sisters and a Piano" at Leicester Square Theatre (West End), where he played the male lead. Some of his other previous roles include: Cyrano de Bergerac, Dom Juan, Salieri, murderers, romantic guys, military officers, businessmen, criminals, young fathers and husbands, etc. Some newspaper reviews praised my work. With an unconventional physical type, an expressive face and a good screen presence, he’s the kind of actor who can make a difference. Film-makers often highlight his adaptability, positive attitude and readiness to take direction. He describes himself as a natural-born hard-worker, very determined to better himself, pursue his dreams and move forward without hesitation.
Acting Credits  
Title Businessman (Walk-On)
Production Jack Ryan (Feature Film)
Director Kenneth Branagh
Title Fake Cameraman
Production One Direction music video "Kiss You"
Director Vaughn Arnell
Title Lt Portuondo (Lead)
Production Two Sisters and a Piano - West End (Leicester Square Theatre)
Director Annie Tanton