Lorenzo B

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Singer, songwriter, frontman

    City of Westminster, London
   Baritone Singer
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Singer, Songwriter, Frontman ,
Lorenzo Bon born in Ancona in 9 September 1978 , has a tradition of musical family, having a multi-instrumentalist father and grandfather trumpeter that from an early age sent him a great passion for music.
Sing and play his guitar for him have been and are natural forms of expression , which later was joined by the inner need to transfer the deep emotional vibrations in poems and songs and this authentic vocation , was accompanied by long years of study, both on vocal technique (Focused also on notions of the research sound and vocal utterances , made by Demetrio Stratos), that on the control of rhythm , complemented by the study of more thousand songs in any genre of music, both Italian and International.
With its rare tone from bass- baritone, produces a wide range of frequencies and it allow him to can sing just about any musical genre , interpreting and customizing his performances and today, after so much work,he arrived to a warm and scratched sound,which is particularly suited to Jazz,Soul and Funk,which leads him to excite and enthuse more kind of audiences.
During his collaborations with some of the most important pioneers Masters of Italian Jazz ( Massimo Moriconi , Renato Sellani ) the great orchestras such as "The Orchestra Sinfonica di Massa and Carrara"and others known Italian/International musicians , he have ideated and brings forward more projects, calibrated to his tone of voice and driven by his constant desire to support and pass on the history of what he calls the " Beautiful Music".