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London Massage provides a unique mobile massage service available at short notice offering; Relaxing, Classic, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai or Aromatherapy!

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Relaxing, Classic, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai or Aromatherapy!

Massage has been a very effective part of the health treatments in most cultures and is a manipulation of bodys soft tissues in order to achieve a specific positive effect in the mind and body.

There are two main approaches when performing a therapy. One is through the mechanical action by manipulating the soft tissues and muscles using the pressure with stretching movements. The second one is based on the reflexology, by applying pressure to the particular spots on our body which are directly connected to the specific apparatus or are affecting different parts of human’s body by nerve connections, or flow of the inner energy known as 'meridians'.

There are more than 80 different massage treatments, each one offering different benefits to the body with stress relief, blood circulation, reduction of toxins, but the therapy can also target very specific medical issues and ailments.

Massage is also enjoyed by many for pain relief or to achieve the athletic enhancement to help individuals achieve more.