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Event production company in Korea

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LocationPRO provides all the management resources for your events.
Our team will coordinate all support services necessary for your event
production in all around Korea, and provide a consistent interface
with your management team throughout the planning, development
and implementation of the program.
Please feel free to contact us at jrayor@paran.com or check out our website at http://www.locationpro.co.kr

LocationPRO is a leading production services company,
committed to delivering innovation and excellence.

Our company collaborates with clients to help them realize their production goals. We handle the smallest budget projects to the largest programs with equal care and
professionalism. With years of expertise in all facets of production, broad industry resources and proven experience in the entertainment, commercial, print, film and
television industries, LocationPRO is the right choice to make smooth progress of local production. In creative and production support, we are uniquely positioned to
utilize the right people, skills, alliances, and technologies that will ensure success and your satisfaction. Our team develops, produces, and directs for television,
features, live events, music, digital and new media programming.

We are a young and talented company committed to creating work of excellence.