Lewis Sings

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Music that puts a smile on your face' As Lewis bounces you back to the late 70's and early 80's era

    Poole, Dorset
   Ska Bands
RANK #414
New suit, braces and Dr martins have crusaded Lewis and his established ska, act and Ltd Company through 15 years of singing/trumpeting/DJ’ing/promoting the tunes of an era wherever it has transported them. Reggae tributes are safe, solo ska tributes still pretty much unknown, solo punk tributes nobody knows! Throw them in the middle and what do you have Lewis ‘Sings’ The Sound Of the Suburbs AKA The Bandless rudeboy. A ‘family friendly’ tribute to a fantastic era… Lewis has a good level of interactive banter with audiences and unlike the vast majority of singers, he is never statically rooted “to the spot” , but moving around like a lunatic and dancing to the backing recordings he uses (All good studio produced high class sounds). This animation adds a lot to the smooth presentation of himself as a performer and charismatic person. The crew cut isn’t just for look it’s away of life!