Lester Crabtree
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Lester Crabtree

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Stand Up Comedian named after the most famous jockey in the world

    Lancaster, Lancashire
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Lester Crabtree was born in the 1970's and named after the most famous jockey in the world Lester Piggot. From Lester’s' name you can tell that he is the son of a Bookie, which is where it all began......

At a very young age Lester's ambition was to become a jockey, however, the stage beat the stable and at the age of ten Lester performed on the boards for the very first time. Lester swapped his stirrups for the smell of the crowd and the raw of the paint....yes he swapped his saddle for the lights and wonders of being an entertainer on the stage. Lester Crabtree is now a firm favourite in the UK and abroad and he performs in all types of venues.

Recently in 2012 Lester achieved one of his life long ambitions, not only did he achieve this by meeting one of the greatest boxers of all time “Sugar Ray Leonard” but he performed alongside him and interviewed the legend about his career.