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Leo was born Gerard Hugh Sayer on May 21st. 1948, Thomas Sayer and Teresa Nolan at Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, in England. He was the second child of three (an older sister Kathleen and a younger brother Brian). The Sayer family were devout Catholics, and after serving as an altar boy, Leo was inducted into the choir under the educated ear of Father Dermot MacHale, the Parish Priest. To this day Leo attributes “the finding of his voice” to Father MacHale, who gave much singing instruction to the boy chorister. At secondary school he showed a gift for drawing and painting. He sang with the school band, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley songs he’d learnt from his older cousin, David’s, record collection. David introduced Leo to Buddy, The Crickets and Bob Dylan, records that had a great effect on him. He was now sixteen and it was the year of 1964.