Kerry Miller is Kylie

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Kerry Millers remarkable tribute to the pop-queen Kylie Minoque and like Kylie herself, Kerry is a pint-sized performer

    Scarborough, Yorkshire
   Kylie Minogue Tribute
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This fantastic Kylie tribute show is in high demand and has been performed throughout the UK & Europe

Kerry Millers portrayal of the Queen of pop is truly remarkable and authentic in every way, from the attention to detail of her iconic costumes, right the way through to the accuracy of her dance routines and to cap it all off, her unmistakable vocal style. Like Kylie herself, Kerry is a pint-sized performer. At 5' tall, Kerry's frame is identical to that of her idol, with whom she shares an uncanny resemblance. A trained dancer/singer, Kerry studied at the Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, Surrey and has been performing professionally since 1997 both as a solo artiste and as part of a number of high profile bands.