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Mind Reading Entertainer and Entertaining Persuasion Speaker, has entertained the socks off footballers like Alan Shearer, for his birthday, large companies

    Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Speaker Known as 'Mr Persuasion', Kennedy, The Hilarious Persuasionist, is the UK's leading expert in influencing human behavior. He has been using these skills on stage in 'the firing line for 8 years and in his enigmatic, fast-paced and incredibly entertaining presentations he shares with you the secrets that companies like Proctor and Gamble, Yahoo! and Mensa have all enjoyed too.

There are two very distinct sides to Kennedy. Entertainer and Speaker. Entertainer Over the past 8 years, Kennedy's after dinner comedy 'mind reading' show has entertained the socks off his clients around the World.

The hilarious show combines Kennedy's razor-sharp, edgy wit with psychology, persuasion and influence skills that look a little bit like mind reading. His 'tricks of the mind' will not have you utterly baffled, when he asks you to think of a word and instantly names it out loud. You make a choice, Kennedy predicted it. As a celebrated author in the field of mentalism, and some of the World's leading mentalists and magicians performing feats created by Kennedy.

You are guaranteed a truly unique experience that everyone will be thanking you for.

Presentations can be as short as 30minutes, up to a full-day training course for entire departments. In the session you will learn language patterns that get you the best response, the skills that no-one teaches that are the reason most people are NOT persuasive, AND what can be learned by being stuck in a lift with a ventriloquist?