Ramblin' Fords
Hank Bemarvin

Hank Bemarvin and Ramblin Fords

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Choice of 3 Professional acts to really get your party going Ideal for WEDDINGS etc.

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Ramblin' Fords - Versatile Professional Duo with the sound of a 3-4 piece band. They are probably the longest established brother-sister act in East Anglia if not the UK! Hank sings and plays the electric guitar and also plays a set of BASS pedals at the same time with his feet, which sounds like a bass player playing along. Michele plays the electronic DRUMS and also sings. They have played at WEDDINGS, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Dinner-Dances etc professionally all over East Anglia since 1989 and have even been booked by Jim Davidson for 5 successive summer seasons! They play Rock 'n' Roll, The Shadows, 50's 60's 70's Golden Oldies, Party Songs, etc. They also offer a FREE Disco / Karaoke if required, and best of all they are have a really good reputation for not being too loud! Non stop music all night to dance to. See references and demo videos on their website www.live-entertainers.co.uk
Hank is also available as a solo act under the name of Hank Bemarvin. This act is very similar to Ramblin' Fords, the difference being that he uses an electronic drum machine instead of Michele playing the electronic drums, and he also uses a harmony machine on his vocals to sound like an extra person singing in harmony with him instead of Michele singing.
Hank is also available under the name of "Singalong with Hank" which is more of a cabaret, walking 'round the room style. See demo of each act on their website www.live-entertaioners.co.uk If you do not have a pen or paper on you, just remember www.nopenorpaper.co.uk