Neil Denny

Neil Denny

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Get Artisan is the skills based model to grow your business and transform your life's work

    Bristol, South West
   Motivational Speaker
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What is it about the Artisan craftsperson?

How are they able to deliver consistently excellent results, live a fulfilled, meaningful life AND sell their wares at full price, even in a recession?

Get Artisan is a model that draws upon three key identified Artisan traits and asks you

1. What impact would adopting an Artisan model make upon your life's work, regardless of whether you are in manufacturing or professional services?

2. How would you see your business grow through these approach?

3. How would you experience the increased fulfilment of your clients, yourself and those around you as a result?

Stop just doing a shift; Make the shift and Get Artisan.

Technical Details

For keynotes Projector, laptop and remote clicker. Stage or at the very least, no lectern or table between speaker and audience. Comfortable with numbers from 20 to 1000 For workshops Ideally cabaret style layout. Group sizes of 8 to 40 are best but can manage and deliver to larger workshop groups of up to 60 with prior arrangements and agreement. Laptop, clicker, projector required. 2 Flipcharts with clean, uncreased pads and working pens. No front desk for presenter.