Frequently Asked Questions

SuperTED is a powerful online marketing service for Venues, Services and Performers who mean Business!

SuperTED allows its members to keep in contact with their clients, colleagues and suppliers in addition to promoting their business and events using social media and various online platforms.

SuperTED forwards sales leads, auditions and customer enquiries to its members by matching the customers search criteria to the members selected service categories and location(s).

SuperTED is unlike all other entertainment directories as we actively promote all member profiles and our members contact information remains hidden to protect from cold calling, spam or phishing.

Registration is completely free! Claim your free profile with free enquiries, matching any single category and area!
If you want to match more enquiries simply add more areas and services to increase instant matches.
Customers searching for Acts, Services or Venues present WHAT, WHERE and WHEN. (or closing date)

Members who match the WHAT & WHERE (service and area) are instantly matched and sent the customers contact details via email and text message.

Members matching the WHAT (service only) can download the customer enquiry from the Booking-Board FREE! Free members require credits to access the booking board to download matching enquiries.

Members can promote their business or performance using a SuperTED profile. Every UPGRADED profile is pro-actively marketed to achieve the optimum level of search engine optimisation.

Members can improve the amount of exposure and marketing that we generate by upgrading to a higher membership package from £2.99 per month or by inserting banner adverts or featured member adverts.
Credits are used when a matching enquiry is sent to you instantly via text message or as direct text message from your profile page. In addition FREE members require credits to download Jobs, Auditions or Enquiries from the Booking-Board. You can turn off text message notifications or top up your credits in 'My Account' at any time.
Visitors to your profile can send an individual text message to you without displaying or giving out your mobile telephone number. To receive text messages from your profile ensure you have selected text notifications in 'My Account' and that you have sufficient credits.
NO. You do not have to register when using our Local Search, however your enquiry will NOT appear on the Booking-Board until you have verified your reply email address. However by registering as a USER, you can add more information to your job posting using the post a job form, you can follow member profiles, write reviews, receive status updates and select up to 10 replies per job posting.

The Booking-Board is where all verified 'jobs'; auditions or customer enquiries are displayed. Jobs can be downloaded for FREE by upgraded members matching the same service, all other members will need to exchange 5 credits per enquiry downloaded.
An online platform to market your business or performance. A SuperTED profile allows each member to create a web-page offering sample information in the form of an article, to showcase their business be it a Venue for event hire, a performance or service. Featuring Music Demos, Images, Videos, Biog, Guide Price, Availability, Events, Customer Reviews and More.
IT's FREE for all VENUES, PERFORMERS, SERVICES & MEDIA! but if that's NOT enough, then how about the amazing SEO, the back links, the tweets, likes, mentions, views, hits and improved traffic to your own website? Plus as a bonus we offer customer enquiries, jobs and auditions sent directly to you in an instant.

To start receiving commission free enquiries in your area complete the simple contact form and press submit! If you haven't already registered, please sign-up by registering here.

COST AND OBLIGATION FREE - itís free to list your business, service or performance in any single category and area but should you decide you want more and for SuperTED to pro-actively market your business you can add a profile or upgrade from as little as £9.50 per year. See package prices.
It's absolutely FREE to register as a singer or as any other entertainer on The FREE account enables you to receive enquiries from any single service category. Alternatively you can upgrade to add multiple service categories and areas. Membership packages start from £9.50 per year.
Services are generated by the top and most popular event and entertainment search terms on google.
Category title are automatically updated to offer members the optimum results from search engines.

Select all the services or skills you offer to ensure that you instantly match or can download all customer enquiries related to your business or act. If you would like us to add a service category to suit your business please email.
Areas are the categories on your account selected by you from the location of your business or where you are based. Area category titles are generated by the name of the UK district, borough or County and then additional areas are taken from highly populated locations using the top search terms from google reports. If you feel your area is not covered and would like us to include your area please email.
We receive around 22,000 customer enquiries each year across all service categories, the more service categories you offer the more instant matches you shall receive and enquiries that your are able to download from the Booking-Board. You would benefit from adding more areas but we advise you stick to those local to you.
Bolt-Ons are items you can add to your account such as service or area categories. Free members are unable to bolt-on to their account. As an upgraded member you can Bolt-On any additional area/service at an extra cost of £10 during your membership term.
As an Upgraded member you are awarded bonus points to give your profile a starting point in our member directory. Any points awarded from customer reviews are added to your bonus points along with points for advertising to give your profile an instant boost in exposure. Your bonus points would return to zero as a free member.
NO - most performers and services will travel anywhere for the right fee, but our local search is aimed at short notice bookings. We ask that you select ONLY the areas that you could attend with 3 hours in order to provide your service that same day/eve.

Our Local Search is aimed at sourcing immediate action from those based locally to the customer, providing a vital solution to last minute bookings and no shows. Explain your travel information on your profile, thereís no point in sending you an instant text message enquiry for tonight from the other side of the World.
The top listing positions of profiles go to those with the best customer reviews. Reviews can only be made by registered customers and are checked via their IP address and we reply to all to ensure they are authentic. Reviews from previous bookers generate a score which is added to their account and their position within our member directory is then calculated for each category.
Upgraded members receive multiple areas and can Bolt-On additional areas at any time.
Each additional area/location will cost £10.00
Registration with can work along side your current advertising campaign. You are guaranteed to receive every matching enquiry no more competing for the biggest boldest advert. Everyone is charged the same fee for registering and you don't have to sit and wait by the phone for enquiries as we send them to you by text message and email.
Bookings YES, Enquiries NO - Let me explain; superTED can be used as an extension to your management by marketing your profile online, so you can receive customer enquiries and their contact details. Any enquiry you receive and convert to a booking is yours, it's down to you, we don't take any additional fee or commission.

BOOK NOW, on the other hand, is an extra service created for free members to post their products "fixed-fee performances" or "fixed-fee services" without having to upgrade. Each of these BOOK NOW products includes an additional admin fee, taken directly from the customer to confirm the booking with balance due to you on event.

Admin fees are based on your membership level;
Free Members pay 12% of gross fee taken up front with balance due on event.
Bronze members pay 10%, Silver 8%, Gold 6% and Platinum 5%.
In addition to more than 60,000 members, anyone one searching for an entertainer, activity or service would save time and money using as it is advertised to the trade bookers such as Hotels, Event Managers, Entertainment Agencies, TV companies, Researchers, Producers, Stage and Theatre production, Casting Directors as well as the general public via Google and other major search engines and trade media.
NO, does not operate like a standard directory, your information remains strictly confidential. You can choose to display basic information about your act or service by uploading a profile. Your information is not used by any third party, you would be consulted prior to any use of your information outside of