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Andy Monk
Simon Cowells Double for meet and Greet, television, radio or product launch, a true likeness and professional lookalike artist.

Murphy James

a highly sought after acoustic guitarist and singer who can play covers from the 1960ís to present day.

Norah Sleep Events

Get the look for your party, event or wedding with NS

Richard Gibbs Catering

Mobile Catering and Beverage Service

FM Bars

supply bars, marquees, dry bar hire services and always aim to provide our customers with a fast and reliable service, individually tailored to your specific requirements whatever the event

Calum Lykan

a passionate and energetic story teller with a style that engages younger audiences, teenagers and adults alike.

Palavah Band

Covers band with an acoustic. Tunes, pop songs, classics, 80s, sing-a-longs, harmonies and more.

Committed to the Blues

Professional Blues Brothers Tribute, Established 2003. All the hits plus a little bit of Rock 'n' Roll

Panorama Drama

Creative Fun for Everyone, brings childrens parties to a whole new level with so much creativity bursting into a small session

Gaia Events

Boutique pop-up events for women, spice up your life


Rock n pop Mariachi trio - Britney to the Sex Pistols with a twist of chilli!