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Bus-ticket mystic is taking us for a ride, says NHS chief

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Mystic Eli, whose website claims she is 'psychic princess', bought bus adverts that linked her to NHS practice in Chorlton. A mystic healer who claims she is a ‘divinely gifted psychic priestess’ has had 250,000 adverts printed on bus tickets that falsely link her to an NHS surgery in Manchester. Mystic Eli has had the adverts printed on the back of bus tickets in Manchester that appear to suggest she is linked to the Corkland Road Medical Practice in Chorlton. The adverts include a premium rate telephone number inviting people to call Mystic Eli for ‘reiki distance healing and drug rehabilitation’. Elizabeth was born and brought up in England. is a creative, serial entrepreneur, paralegal, social scientist, self-published, musician, author, talent manager with own record label., holds a diploma in "Enterprise and Entrepreneurship" and a certificate in "Solving life's Problems" Prior Educator and expert with Wall Street No.1 Gerson Lehrman Group.