Eileen Murphy

Eileen Murphy

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It's What's Right With You That Will Fix What's Wrong With You

   Inspirational Speaker
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The "brain is very obedient" is not just a term for examination in therapeutic or neuro scientific terms but as a reality for harnessing when working to help people achieve.

This Speaker takes a look at how people are inspired to achieve - not via the "tell and explain" or "warn and cajole" approach but by connecting with the "who" of the individual.

Acting as a "strength detective" and being curious about any small success and building on these is more conducive to inspiring and motivating people to achieve their potential.

Simple, effective conversations about what success might look is more beneficial than analysing and pathologising.

This slot provides real-time, fun, experiential exercises and thought-provoking tools and resources for delegates to take away.

Eileen Murphy works with organisations and individuals across the UK, her work has helped councils and organisations make radical savings on budget while attracting awards for outcomes.

Technical Details

Only equipment needed is a small table and jug of water!