Stylish Corporate Entertainment Lighting
Marquee lighting for ambience & performances
Large scale exhibition lighting & rigging for maxi
Small scale lighting to attract visitors to an exh
Rock band lighting
Theatrical stage lighting
Follows spots for hire
LED uplighters & stage washes
Lighting hire stock - ready to go
smoke machine with low fog chiller
Stand alone disco effects

Drax Lighting Ltd

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Drax Lighting & Special Effects, Creative technical production, hire & supplies

    North Hertfordshire
   Lighting Effects
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Drax Lighting & Special Effects
A well established production & hire company started & owned by a lighting designer. There's no denying our bias toward lighting - it's where we started out in 1989. Our long term clients, impressed by our commitment and passion applied to their events, have helped us grow into a full technical production company. It it their belief in our ability to reliably deliver creative results for them that keeps us growing and lively.

If you're technical then we'll provide the equipment you need.
If you're creative then we'll provide the technical support you need.
If you're a manager then we'll provide the creative angle you need.
If you're too individual to fit these categories then we'll just listen until we understand you and tailor our services to you!

Unsure where to start? don't know what to ask for?
There are various technical details we can ask such as venue dimensions, capacity, show type etc. However, the most crucial thing to know is what your event is about, what's the message, what atmosphere do you need. This is what helps us truly deliver the end result you need. Anyone can deliver equipment but most people want results and that needs understanding too.

Lighting - Sound - Effects - Power Distribution - Rigging
Design - Production - Crew - Hire - Sales

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  • " An extrememly reliable and professional company offering fantastic lighting solutions for events. I strongly recommend this company. "
    Overall        4.83333333333335
    Anon     02/05/12
  • " Very knowledgeable team to work with, especially as I normally only know the effect I am after, but have no idea how to create it. "
    Overall        4.83333333333335
    Anon     02/05/12