Derek Maddison

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performs his truly amazing tribute to Neil Diamond along with legends from the 1960's to 1980's with music to bop to.

    Brentwood, Essex
   Neil Diamond Tribute
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Neil Diamond and Legends show is a great night of entertainment fully self contained years of entertaining , an act with personality not just a collection of songs, audience involvement and connection About My Neil Diamond Tribute I have been paying Tribute to Neil Diamond as he is now for quite some time unlike most other tributes who portray him in the jazz singer role, I have had some success, in performing on Stage, in the Clubs, Theaters, Bars, cafe's at open air concerts, and on Cruise Liners.

I was Born in Yorkshire England, I was very interested in music and entertaining, I even wrote some songs on the guitar that my Dad had bought for me when I was nine I later became the songwriter for some of the Yorkshire television documentary series, writing theme songs and also inputting the incidental music. I have been in show business for many years and I have been given a wealth of experience , I have worked with some of the great stars of the past such as; Matt Munro, Les Dawson, Bob Monkhouse to name a few, but I am always listening and learning from the professionals.

I just returned from performing in Europe, at the talk of the Town every night in Benidorm Spain, one of' if not the most prestigious venues in Spain In my show that lasts at least an hour, I perform the great songs he has written AMERICA, CRACKLING ROSIE, FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS, LOVE ON THE ROCKS, HELLO AGAIN, and many more to quote people who have seen Neil Diamond, and watched my show they have said "if we close our eyes its as if we are back at his concert again" of this I am very proud .

I have also appeared on television a few times, my most memorable being on Stars in their eyes and recently on VIVA television in Spain, where they also filmed my complete performance and as a result I now have the DVD available for purchase after each of my shows.