Denny Terrell

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Solo or Duo professional singer with guitar or piano, a rhythm revolution for the young at heart.

    Epsom, Surrey
   Singers Male
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Sing a long and tap your feet to music and songs not only for those who recall the good old days of the 1930ís and 40ís - but also a new generation of residents who remember the fabulous songs from the rock and rolling 1950ís and swinging 60ís!! tambourines and maracas are offered to join in the lively rhythms, or take up a baton to conduct some soothing classical musicÖ.

My live music entertainment programme is provided by solo or duo professional singing with guitar or piano. Karaoke is great fun for the carers!! I always try to engage with each resident and encourage them to join in and have a lovely time.

The cost of a one hour show is £60. Discounts are available on regular block bookings. Many of my clientís book every four weeks, or just for special occasions.

If you would like to be included on our mailing list, I can inform you of last minute available dates on offer, and design colourful posters for your notice boards to advertise the events
singer guitarist / or backing tracks