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Dash of Sparkle

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We turn ordinary events into magical celebrations!

    North Hertfordshire
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Are you looking for a planner for that special event, wedding day or party? Looking for a bit of support and recommendations… With our free consultation service, we can bring a Dash of Sparkle to your event!

We will painlessly guide you through your event, from start to finish ensuring your perfect day is achieved on time and on budget. We source all items from table decorations, entertainment and party favours to managing your guest list and invitations. Our service is scalable so we could cover one area such as venue sourcing to the whole event.

Idit Ginsberg, of Dash of Sparkle, has over 13 years experience of wedding and event planning and ensures that your event runs smoothly. An event planner can cost less then you expect, when you consider the time saved and the discounts that we can achieve for you. Don’t leave it to chance, we are here to help.