Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands
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The Sandman

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Alan Sands - The Sandman, an International Comedy Hypnotist. Entertaining since before he was born. He'll make you laugh till you cry

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Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands is "The SandMan" and he has been a professional entertainer since before he was born. He has worked around the world, including 46 US states and over 100 Fortune 500 companies, in Las Vegas, in five countries and on cruise ships and funerals. Every year he performs for 25-30 high schools, colleges, universities, fairs, festivals, and an occasional amusement park -- it's a "clean show." But, Alan knows it's not what he has done in the past that will make you book him. You want to know, "What will The SandMan do for ME?"

His fast-paced 90-minute, audience participation, situation comedy hypnosis show is one of the most powerful forms of entertainment you will ever witness because it is not just the talent of Alan on stage, "The SandMan" releases the child locked inside the volunteers who come on stage and participate. He makes you play like no one is watching. Alan directs the show by making suggestions, similar to an improv show, and the guests that volunteer are the performers - they act out the routines as they each imagine them.

The Sandman is a true professional, but he also loves to travel and his price is more reasonable than you might think because he will often take jobs he thinks of as exotic, for less than it cost him to do the event - just to travel the world. Ask him for a price quote. Don't be shy.

Technical Details

I require two wireless receivers. One is for a hand held microphone and one is for a lavaliere transmitter that sends a signal from my iPod for my music cues. I do my own music cues from stage wirelessly. I need a clear space for 12 chairs to line up, single file, and I should be able to walk around them.

Personal Statistics  
Height 5ft 7in
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Hazel
Weight 170-179lbs
Hair Length Short
Skin Colour White
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Hair Type Curly
Shoe Size 10 UK
Chest 48in
Waist 32in
Hips 34in