Cia Jordi L. Vidal

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Circus and dance shows, indoors and outdoors, for all kind of audiences

   Circus Performers
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We propose you 2 differents shows having forms between 10 and 60 minutes With a light technical raider that can be easily adapt to different spaces.
Thanks to its multidisciplinary, they can be part of a street theatre, circus, dance…program and as well for all kind of audiences and schools.

Physical theatre, acrobatics, beat-boxing and juggling (diabolo)
This show explores our relation to money and its resulting accidents…
Multidisciplinary, musical, visual and humoristic piece
This show has also an interactive workshop where the audience learns beat box techniques and a fun choreography.

"Acrobatic and danced duo based on the evolution of a couple... "
Visual and poetical show
What the press has said:
In short, a very beautiful and emotional performance. Festival MiramirO | Gentblog BE

With more than 100 gigs realized, our shows has already charmed several European venues as well as Morocco, Brazil and Mali