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Caricatures by Mick Wright

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Fantastic Wedding Caricatures...created in minutes...remembered for years!

    Leicester, Leicestershire
   Caricature artists
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Having a caricaturist at your wedding is THE ‘in thing’!
How I work is by mixing and mingling with your wedding guests and creating speedy caricatures of them whilst I’m “on the hoof!”. I usually work for a period of 2 or 3 hours and during this time I am able to produce a quality black and white caricature in under 4 minutes to give you an idea of my output. Not only does this give the recipient a great memento of the day, but also provides hilarity and entertainment for the many onlooking guests too!
The best time for me to work is immediately after the speeches and wedding breakfast, when guests are relaxed after a few glasses of vino, it tends not to work so well during the meal as there is too much going on.
Quality A4 caricatures of couples and families produced in minutes, remembered for years…

Technical Details

When booking me, please ensure there will be adequate lighting at the venue if I am required to work indoors. If outdoors, please ensure there will be be suitable shade/shelter....ta!