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Mick Wright

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Caricaturist Mick Wright Fantastic On The Spot Entertainment At Your Event

    Leicester, Leicestershire
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Caricaturist Mick Wright

Having a caricaturist at your wedding is THE ‘in thing’!
Picture the scene……your guests have had a lovely meal, quaffed a drop of wine, some of them a little too much, and they are sitting back, relaxing, looking forward to swinging their pants to “Stayin’ Alive” later on. Suddenly, the sound of raucous laughter breaks out from a group of guests across the room, some find it so funny they have tears in their eyes….it can only mean one thing…Mick Wright is at work again!! Working for a period of 2 – 3 hours, prices start from £300 depending upon location.
Quality A4 caricatures of couples and families produced in minutes, remembered for years…