Caricaturist Luke Warm drawing at a Wedding
A3 Caricature of 2 people
A4 Caricature of a 6 year old boy
A3 Caricature of 2 people
A3 Caricature of 2 people
A1 Group Caricature of an extended Family
A2 Caricature as a Leaving Present
A3 Caricature of 1 person
A4 Colour Caricature of 1 person
A4 B&W Caricature of 2 people
Best Entertainment Award 2017

Luke Warm

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Caricatures drawn as Entertainment at your Event or from Photos!

    Devon North
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Caricatures by Luke Warm

Planning an event in the South West? Caricatures by Luke Warm is based in North Devon and has just won the 2017 Best Entertainment Award at the South West Wedding Awards. He's previously been winner of the Best Entertainment Award at the Westcountry Wedding Awards in 2009, 2010 & 2011 and the Judge's Choice Award in 2013.

Whether it's at a wedding, party or corporate event, it takes just 5 minutes to draw each person so in a typical 2-3 hour booking 20-35 people can be drawn.

Luke Warm has been working as a professional Caricaturist since 1992 and as well as weddings has worked at almost every other kind of event - Christmas, birthday and retirement parties, trade shows, exhibitions, store openings, military events, river cruises and even Caribbean Cruises for P&O!

He also draws Caricatures in his studio from photos - the perfect way to celebrate someone special! So why not get in touch - most email enquiries are answered within the day!

Technical Details

It's always best to talk through your requirements in advance of the day, but for general information: Luke Warm usually starts by working standing, drawing on an A4 clip board and moving quickly amongst your guests to help break the ice. Later on he usually moves to an informal Caricature Studio area he's set up in advance with lights and banners to drawn couples and small groups on A3. On the spot Caricaturing requires reasonable light - candlelit dinners are too dark, and flashing disco lights don't work either! For his Caricature Studio area Luke Warm brings his own lights and banners and needs the use of 3 armless dining chairs, a space of about 3m x 2m and the use of a standard 13amp plug socket. Working outside is usually brilliant in terms of lighting, but not so good if it's raining or blowing a gale. It's great to be in the swim of the party but he does need to be able to talk to your guests, so it's best not to site him too close to the band or disco.