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Caracana is an uplifting Nos Lowen or Cornish Ceilidh folk group

    North Cornwall
   Ceilidh Band
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The spirit of Caracana is reflected in their name, which means ‘the love of music’ in the Cornish language. The group was first formed over a decade ago, and their heartfelt music has been enjoyed by audiences throughout Cornwall. They have also represented Cornwall at the Interceltic Lorient Festival in France.

Well known for playing a diverse range of folk, Caracana has become a sought after Ceilidh Band on the Cornish folk scene. Their music covers a wide range of genres and a variety of their songs are sung in Cornish as well as those that are performed in Sawsnek (English).

Caracana love to perform for Cornish Ceilidhs (Nos Lowens). However, they are also delighted to play for weddings, parties, festivals and special events. Whether you want to get up and dance or you prefer a more intimate and personal experience, Caracana will have something for you in their diverse repertoire.

Technical Details

We need to be able to plug in, but once we have... We provide full PA for our own amplification. As this includes two front of house speakers and two monitors, we do need more space than five acoustic players would. Although we can also play acoustically if that is required!